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Big and Small Changes You Can Make to Feel More Confident

Confidence isn't constant, and it doesn't just appear overnight — it's a project that involves lifelong learning, hard work, and realistic goal setting. You can fine-tune your confidence by leaning into your natural talents and setting yourself up for small wins to gain the momentum to tackle more ambitious pursuits.

Feeling Your Finest: Easy Ways to Prioritize Yourself

Brooklyn is a vibrant community filled with a diverse group of residents. If you live or work in this high-energy borough, make sure you’re taking time to care for yourself. Happiness with your outward appearance can be surprisingly important because it can directly impact how you feel inside. The following five approaches can help ensure that you prioritize yourself in a world that seems always to be asking more of you. 

BB Breakdown: Coconut Milk Body Scrub

Summer is coming! We have a luscious body scrub prepared. The coconut milk body scrub’s tropical scent will transport you to an island right away. 

BB’s How To: Massage Oil

We’re back with new Massage oils. While there are many ways to include this into your daily or weekly routine, here’s how we do it! 

Time to Take a Vacation

It has been too long since vacations were a thing. Whether or not you have traveled during the past year, you can still feel trapped in a mundane routine. It’s time to relax! Here’s how Brooklyn Botany does it.