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Wonderful Natural moisturizer

I use as it alone as moisturizer and it works wonderful. I like that it doesn’t have added fragrance and can be used on sensitive skin. Keeps me skin feeling hydrated and has the added benefit of not clogging my pores.

- Honest Aim

I use this as a carrier for essential oils and as a general moisturizer. The price and quality are good. We did not get a pump with ours, as is pictured, but instead it came with a flip-top lid. The pump would have been nice to have as the bottle is big.

- Amy Wilks
Great for lots of different uses

I first bought this coconut oil a few weeks ago and I've been using it every day ever since. I use it to condition my curly hair and mix it with essential oils to make scented body oil to use for massages and instead of lotion.

- Rose Dalton
I use this oil from head to toe!

I use this oil all over my body as a massage oil, as a deep conditioner for my hair, and a moisturizer and makeup remover for my face. I will be buying again as soon as the bottle runs out (which might be a while!)

- Anthony Mettam
Lovely oil with no smell

I started using coconut on my hair but found it really messy to use in solid form, and it was also making my brush smell bad. This liquid version with a pump is so much easier to use and doesn't smell.

- Leonardo B.
Nice carrier oil and moisturizer

This coconut oil works really well as a carrier for essential oils. I've also tried it on my skin as a moisturizer for the winter months when it needs something a bit more heavy duty. It's really worked to make my skin less dry and hasn't made me break out.

- Brian

It's always a good time for #metime

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We make self care accessible to all.

No matter who you are. Where you live. Or what your budget is. Everyone should have the chance to unwind and get their “me time.”

It isn’t just about what you put on your skin, self care is a choice. A way of life.

Your needs are always on our mind. Our goal is to bring you the local and global goods to soothe any lifestyle.

Combining the wholeness of nature with the passion of emerging apothecaries,

we make your next moment of Zen both effortless and affordable.

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