Time to Take a Vacation

Time to Take a Vacation

By: Melanie Peres

It has been too long since vacations were a thing. Whether or not you have traveled during the past year, you can still feel trapped in a mundane routine. It’s time to relax! Here’s how Brooklyn Botany does it. 

Begin by making it feel like you’re on an exotic vacation in your bathtub by adding different scrubs and scents to your weekly routine. Replenish the skin with a soulful scrub like the Coconut Milk Body Scrub. A definite island feel. 

Then grab some essential oils to spice up the evening. Add a couple drops into your bathwater. If you don’t have a bathtub, drop them directly to the shower floor and the steam will carry it up. Want to travel to a moving city? Use some eucalyptus oil. Want to feel the vibes of a ranch or farm? Drop lemongrass oil. Deciding to cuddle inside for a snowstorm? Get a few drops of peppermint oil. Wherever it is, you’d like to breathe in, close your eyes and imagine. What transports you the most and pulls at your heart strings?

Do that.

When you are ready to get back into routine, wake your senses up. Apply a pea size amount of carrier oil onto the skin and revive. Some of our skin favorites are the Sweet Almond Oil and the Avocado oil, but feel free to choose whichever empowers you more. 

Don’t forget to let me know where you went.