BB Break-Down: The Dead Sea Mud Mask

BB Break-Down: The Dead Sea Mud Mask

BB Break-Down: The Dead Sea Mud Mask


By: Melanie Peres

Hello Brooklyn Botany Readers!

Lets go deep into detail and break down all the ingredients and benefits of our products! One of our best sellers: The Dead Sea Mud Mask

You might recognize it by its cute packaging, The jar opens wide and lets one take out as much or as little product as one needs. 

The Dead Sea Mud Mask comes infused with two different oils. You can find it with lavender or tea tree oil. Both have its benefits. The lavender oil will help reduce redness and blotches that can sometimes appear on the skin. On the other hand, tea tree oil will soothe itchy and irritated skin. Regardless, both are going to leave your skin feeling calmer than before and have a soothing aroma to make it a true at home spa. 

So let's cut to the chase. What are some of the ingredients in this mask that really make it work?

Mineral Dead Sea Mud 

We’ve named this mask after the Dead Sea. How come? The mud in the Dead Sea is known for providing benefits to the skin, which is why people are found constantly rubbing their skin with it on the beach. Using it in a clay mask will let us reap the benefits from the Sea, like removing dead skin with a very gentle exfoliation. It is also full of wonderful minerals that will hydrate and purify.

Shea Butter

While this mud mask wants to remove excessive oil, it doesn’t want to strip away all the moisture. Trust me, this is why there is shea butter in it. Sometimes after washing away a clay mask, your skin can be tight and overly dry. Shea butter is used in moisturizers, and by adding this in the mask, it prevents the skin from eliminating all healthy oils. 

Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil

Vitamin E is a very helpful way to get rid of old scars as it moisturizes and replenishes the skin. This along with sunflower oil, which doesn’t clog pores, is a helpful way to get balanced oils on the skin, when most cleansers dry the skin out. Both Vitamin E and sunflower oil hydrate. So thanks for those added two. 

Other ingredients, like the hickory bark extract and the aloe vera juice, have healing qualities. The Dead Sea Mud Mask is a luxurious way to get all the nutrients onto your skin and protect it, too. 

Perhaps more versions of The Dead Sea Mud Mask will be sold on Brooklyn Botany, but for now enjoy our favorites with lavender and tea tree oil and tag us on instagram when you try them out!