Our Story

The story behind Brooklyn Botany begins with an accidental discovery, a chance encounter, and a newfound vision for the future of skincare.

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, N.Y.—where urban chaos and a desire for nature coexist—things were set into motion when our founder, whose interest in skincare began while working on film sets, found that actors were looking for solutions in nature to help with the various skin complaints brought on by the harsh stage makeup used on their faces.

He began researching the causes and potential solutions to this problem and soon realized something that would inspire him to establish Brooklyn Botany. In the nicknamed City of Millennials, he noticed that actors were not the only ones seeking out nature; in a place where jungles are made of concrete buildings and pollution is everywhere, he realized that many people were craving a piece of nature for themselves, especially when it came to skincare. This led to his decision to dedicate himself to the mission of bringing nature right to their doorstep in the form of pure skincare ingredients.

 After meeting with a prominent chemist, he discovered among the latest beauty fads and re-branded items a revolutionary product, one that could actually make a difference to the look and feel of skin. This product was a Vitamin C serum that contained Vitamin C in its purest form—L Ascorbic Acid, which, before then, had been impossible to produce in skincare due to its highly unstable nature.

And thus, Brooklyn Botany was born with our Vitamin C serum, which started our journey to gather the best natural ingredients, combine them with science, and deliver them to hectic city dwellers everywhere.

All our products are designed in our state-of-the-art lab, delivering the latest healing properties in their untainted forms.

Immerse yourself in the decadence and scent of the lush forests of India, the vast plains of Australia, the desert regions of Morocco. Within our products lie the luxurious ingredients once reserved for royalty but now available in the one and only Borough of Kings: the city of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Botany is more just than a skincare brand—our philosophy is to revolutionize industry standards by delivering science-driven, botanically-rich skincare in the purest state possible. We offer you, the customer, the latest high quality and natural skincare products, essential oils and grooming essentials, regardless of your gender or walk of life.

So, come in, and experience nature at your fingertips.