BB’s 5 Ways To Use Peppermint Essential Oil

BB’s 5 Ways To Use Peppermint Essential Oil

By: Melanie Peres

Hello Brooklyn Botany Lovers! 

Aromatherapy has conquered again! There is nothing like replenishing our lives with the most essential oils. Now, let’s discuss one of my all time favorites: the peppermint essential oil and how to use it daily. 

Number 1: Clean The Bad Vibes Away

Use around the house, put a couple drops in unscented cleaning products for a natural scent and let the house be cleaned with the most essential ingredients. This prevents any cheap or bathroom smelling fragrances that can lead to headaches and a sore nose. 

Number 2: Make the Shower a Spa

Add a couple drops to the bath or floor of the shower to wake your senses up. If in the mood for a more relaxing bath, try another essential oil with a calmer scent.

Number 3: Enjoy the Scent

If it’s winter time near you, then you need the peppermint essential oil to make your house feel like a cup of peppermint mocha. Place a few drops into a diffuser or around the house in a soap dish, make a cup of your favorite hot chocolate and voila! It’s winter wonderland inside your own home. 

Number 4: Mix It

Mix with carrier oil like the castor oil or grapeseed oil for a fresh and unique moisturizer. Add two drops of this mixture into your favorite unscented lotion or feel free to place the carrier oil mixture directly and rub into the skin. It will definitely leave you with a dewy finish.

Number 5: On Your Makeup Brushes 

While cleaning your makeup brushes, add a couple of drops into the soapy water. Leave the brushes there for a few minutes until all their dirt and makeup washes away. This will make sure your brushes are left with a clean scent and no bad ingredients that can clog up your pores. Little secret, but you can pass it on! 

Hope these five ways of using the peppermint essential oil have inspired you to minty up your life this season, and there will be more about the oils soon.