BB’s How To: Massage Oil

BB’s How To: Massage Oil

By: Melanie Peres

Hello Brooklyn Botany Lovers! 

We’re back with new Massage oils. While there are many ways to include this into your daily or weekly routine, here’s how we do it! 

There are three different massage oils available to try. All ready for self-care on Amazon for you to get it quickly and enjoy. 

Let me introduce you to the most relaxing out of the three: The Lavender Massage Oil. This one is all about spa day. Best used after a relaxing shower, but feel free to add it to whatever routine fits you best. This oil will leave the skin hydrated and ready for the summer.

The sore muscle massage oil contains a mixture of sweet almond oil, rosemary oil, and more. We recommend having your partner, your friend, your boss, or anyone who is willing to massage the skin while applying the oil with the handy pump. This will relieve the body of any stress and leave you relaxed. Just pretend to fall asleep, or your partner will declare it’s their turn next!

The anti cellulite massage oil focuses on skin boosting oils like grapeseed oil. It smooths the overall skin texture, and it helps massage the skin for elasticity and smooth. All the oils are alcohol-free so forget about drying out the skin! Best used after the shower, so the skin can really integrate the oils. 

All the massage oils are available on Amazon, so you can try whichever you prefer (or all three!) 

They have all been diluted by a carrier oil, so while the scent is calming, it is not overpowering. Let the oils envelop you in a hug of healthy, natural skincare. 

You’re welcome!