BB Break-Down: The Arabica Coffee Scrub

BB Break-Down: The Arabica Coffee Scrub

BB Break-Down: The Arabica Coffee Scrub


By: Melanie Peres

Hello Brooklyn Botany Readers!

In our Brooklyn Botany Break-Downs, we go deep into detail and break down all the ingredients and benefits of our products! This month, our first showdown, we will be looking at a yummy face and body scrub: The Arabica Coffee Scrub

I say yummy because this leaves your skin feeling like a treat. It has coffee beans that make the whole shower smell like breakfast.  

Here’s some of the main ingredients that are in the coffee scrub recipe!

Organic Kona Coffee

This is one of the main ingredients in the scrub. It is the reason that it will bring the coffee shop to you. The aroma will renew our energy and get us ready for the day. Perfect for a busy morning or even a calm evening when it’s not always recommended to drink a giant cup of coffee

Olive Oil and Sweet Almond Oil

Two oils that work wonders on the skin are olive oil, in small quantities of course, and sweet almond oil, which smells and feels so good. Olive oil moisturizes the skin. This is important, because the scrub takes off the dead skin, so the olive oil ensures that your skin won’t be left rough.  Sweet Almond Oil helps smooth out wrinkles with the help of vitamin E. It has many other benefits like making the skin glow. 

Coffee Arabica Seed Oil

This oil is so vital to The Arabica Coffee Scrub that it’s been named after it. Not only does it brighten the skin, but it feels incredible. The smell of coffee revitalizes many of us inside and outside. This delightful oil incorporates many healthy aspects of the scrub. It awakens the skin with vitamin E, and it helps prevent skin aging. 

Shea Butter 

A staple ingredient in many moisturizers. Is it weird to have it in a scrub? The answer is no. Scrubs need to have some sort of moisturizing ingredient, so that when it takes off all the dead skin it doesn’t leave it irritated. Instead it hydrates and replenishes the skin underneath with shea butter and natural oils. You’re welcome!

Cacao Extract and Organic Coconut Extract

 Remember when I mentioned this scrub will make you feel like dessert? These are the ingredients that do that. The cacao extract helps this become more of a mocha and add a sweetener in it with coconut extract. This delicious treat will make your skin just as yummy as your favorite dessert.

Add this scrub to your morning routine to boost your mood with natural caffeine beans. 



P.S. Some people need the disclaimer: The scrub is not edible.