Practical Ways to Practice Self-Care and Experience the Benefits

Practical Ways to Practice Self-Care and  Experience the Benefits

Practical Ways to Practice Self-Care and Experience the Benefits

By: Brad Krause

Practicing self-care on a daily basis can contribute to lower stress levels, more productivity, higher self-esteem and a stronger immune system, among many other benefits. Nonetheless, many people neglect to practice self-care, because they’re under the impression that it’s selfish and/or they think it’s unrealistic for their lives. The thing about self-care, however, is that it makes you the best version of yourself whether you’re at the office or at home with your family, and you can even utilize tech to help. Here are simple ways that anyone can fit it into their everyday life. 


If you’re ready to give self-care a shot, here are some tips to help you get started:


Remove the clutter from your home.


Most of us have more clutter in our homes than we would like. This can cause a great deal of stress. You won’t want to invite people over to your home if it’s messy, and if you do, it could take a full day’s work to get the place in shape. Also, as a space becomes more and more cluttered, it reminds you of how much cleaning needs to be done every time you look at it. Your home should be a safe place to come to after a long and stressful day—not a place that creates even more stress. 


Relax more. 


Along with getting rid of the clutter in your home, it’s important to make time for relaxing. Think of an activity that you would do if you were on vacation, and do that activity at least once a week. It could be anything that relieves stress and helps you to maintain a healthy perspective on life. Here are some ideas for fun and relaxing activities:



Clean up your diet.


We truly are what we eat. If your diet consists heavily of processed foods (e.g., flavored crackers, chips, breakfast cereals, fried chicken, sugary drinks), you’re not doing your body and mind any favors. Try instead to adopt more of a clean diet. That is, focus your meals and snacks around foods like vegetables, fruits, lean meats, eggs, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Doing so will benefit your overall health and well-being and help you feel much better from day to day. A healthy gut strengthens your immune system, maintains your weight, and can make you happier. You should include gut-healthy foods in your diet, such as almond milk, yogurt, wild salmon, onions, and garlic.


Find ways to look and feel your best.

It’s also essential to exercise regularly. A consistent exercise routine produces a plethora of physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. Many people choose not to exercise because they dislike it or they don’t know how to fit it into their schedule. However, there are many activities that constitute exercise, and if you find one that you can have fun with, it may not even feel like you’re exercising. Whether you walk for 30 minutes a day or undertake high-intensity interval training, you will experience real results if you stick with it.


Along with exercising, you can improve your confidence with a new personal style. You can put together your new wardrobe with a few basic pieces and then tailor those to the style you're looking for. If you’d like to try out a new hairstyle, you can remedy this at home with devices like a curling iron, round styling brush, or easy-to-use hair clippers. The better you look, the better you’re going to feel.    


Go to sleep. 


Finally, everyone needs sleep. No matter how busy you are, come up with a bedtime routine that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep, and shoot for six to eight hours a night. A good night’s rest will allow your body and mind to recover and regenerate, thus leaving you with more energy, making you more productive, and helping you feel happier overall. The American Sleep Association lists some free helpful sleep apps you can incorporate into your sleep routine. 


All of us need self-care in our lives, and all of us can practice it. Remember to kick the clutter in your home, and make relaxation a priority. Also, eat cleaner foods, start exercising on the reg, and get your sleep. Adding a little self-care in your life can do wonders for your mind, body and soul. 


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