Toned Bodies and Fuller Wallets: Getting Healthy While Saving Money

Toned Bodies and Fuller Wallets: Getting Healthy While Saving Money

By Brad Krause


According to the 2019 Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, America ranks 35th out of 169 countries in terms of physical well-being. It should be no surprise that most United States citizens want to work on their bodies. We tend to think of this pursuit as requiring money, a deeply unappealing concept when the economy is suffering. The happy news is there are ways of whipping yourself into shape that put dollars back in your pockets. Here are some ideas from Brooklyn Botany that will satisfy both your doctor and your bank account.

Exercising at Home

Gyms are expensive, so get your sweat on elsewhere. With the right know-how, you can create an inexpensive workout space of your own. For example, much can be designed with old industrial pipes. It's also free to go jogging through your neighborhood. If Eastern practices are more your style, take advantage of online yoga instruction instead of shelling out to attend a trendy class.

Getting Outdoors

Trip Outside notes that the health benefits of being outside are many and varied. For instance, soaking up vitamin D from natural sunlight can lower blood pressure, thus decreasing your risk of stroke and heart attack. Staring at electronic screens for too long can lead to computer vision syndrome. On the other hand, surrounding yourself with nature may reduce nearsightedness.

Many outdoorsy exercise routines are free. Join a game of basketball and make friends while nurturing your competitive spirit. Go hiking, chase your dog in the park, or enjoy a swim in the lake.

Quitting Smoking

One of the best health changes you can make is ending your smoking habit. The longer you go without puffing, the greater the benefits. Nicotine replacement options, such as gums, are costly. Try chewing on sugar-free hard candies, carrots, or sunflower seeds instead. Social activity can help keep cravings at bay. Invite a friend to drop by and discuss your struggle while working out.

Quitting smoking leads to lower insurance premiums. On top of this, you'll no longer be spending money at the tobacconist. Cooking at home rather than dining out and walking instead of driving are other money-saving techniques that will help keep you from falling off the wagon.

Monetizing Your Lifestyle

Now that you're feeling great and bursting with energy, it's time to consider profit-making opportunities. One possibility is inviting others to your homemade gym and serving as a personal trainer. Your new job will actively keep you in top condition. As someone who's successfully quit smoking, you're perfect for coaching those trying to stop. Tackle this job anywhere with the assistance of video conferencing software.

These aren't your only options. Another is creating an affiliate marketing blog that explores your healthy money-saving habits. If yoga is your thing, open a studio. Sporting fans might consider selling athletics gear. Whatever your passion, enrich yourself by feeding it.

When it comes to marketing your business, you’ll be well served by creating free business cards to hand out. Start from a template that catches your attention, then customize it with graphics and text to suit your tastes. Get the designs printed up to give to prospective clients.

Once you come up with a solid idea, you’ll need to choose how to structure your business. One popular option is an S corp. S corps offer pass-through taxation, self-employment tax savings, and the option for business owners to claim losses as tax deductions on their taxes. You can avoid hefty lawyer fees by filing for your chosen business entity yourself or by using a formation service. Before registering your business, check the rules and requirements for forming an S corp. 

Before creating a company, find out whether you need a business permit. There are many different ones regarding zoning laws, environmental matters, and health concerns. A storefront may require a building permit. Where you're doing business from, what products you're selling, and the services you're providing determine which ones are mandatory.

Getting into shape doesn't have to drain finances. On the contrary, improving one's health can send wealth back your way and even lead to a career path that taps unforeseen riches if you start your own business. The financial impact of treating your body right all depends on how you approach the task.

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