Feeling Your Finest: Easy Ways to Prioritize Yourself

Feeling Your Finest: Easy Ways to Prioritize Yourself

By: Brad Krause

Brooklyn is a vibrant community filled with a diverse group of residents. If you live or work in this high-energy borough, make sure you’re taking time to care for yourself. Happiness with your outward appearance can be surprisingly important because it can directly impact how you feel inside. The following five approaches can help ensure that you prioritize yourself in a world that seems always to be asking more of you. 

Have a Job you Like

Like most people, you may need to work on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean having a job that makes you miserable. Occasional tough work days are, unfortunately, a given. But if you hate your job more often than not, it may be time to reconsider a job switch. Because work is such a major part of your life, and you devote so many hours to it each week, it’s not good for your physical or mental well-being if you spend that time unhappy. 

Establish a Happy Home

Your home should make you happy and put your mind in a good space. This ranges from a partner you share your life with (if you choose to have one) to all the belongings around you and even the items in your refrigerator. Go through your home and consider parting with anything you’re not regularly using, that doesn’t bring you peace and happiness, and that you really can’t see yourself using again. Decorate your areas with intention, like putting out your favorite blanket for movie nights or setting up a reading nook

Consider Mental Health Assistance

Everyone deals with a lot every day, and along with having family and friends to rely on, adding a mental health professional to your support system can have big benefits. You don't even need to schedule an in-person appointment; online and phone-based mental health services may be a more accessible option for those who don’t always find it easy or convenient to talk face to face. 

Fit in Fitness

Exercise is good for you, and there are always ways to get your body moving, even if you can’t consistently do a full workout. Maybe you're using a stationary bike at home while watching a movie or walking around while you’re on the phone. You may take exercise classes at a gym or schedule frequent outdoor walks with a friend. If you could use some guidance, consult with a personal trainer who can help you establish a personalized plan. 

Schedule Self-care 

Chances are good that your schedule is packed with your own responsibilities and appointments and maybe those of others, but you should schedule fun relaxation time for yourself. Pencil in regular self-care for at least a couple of hours each week to do things you enjoy. It can make a huge positive difference and give you something to look forward to. 

Make a Self-care Plan

You’re more important than everything and everyone else you make time for. Make a list of things large and small that you can do that will help you feel your best and give you pleasure in life. Check out Brooklyn Botany for products and tips to help you revitalize your bath and shower routine or plan a vacation you’ve been dreaming of. 

Image via Pexels