BB Bible

Here’s what’s included in this edition of ‘The BB Bible’:

  • 3 Common Mistakes you can avoid so you get the best results from the start!
  • 5 Body Scrub hacks you can try today!
  • Tips for adding a new scrub into your skincare routine: Which areas of your skin, and how often to use for best results.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Letting too much moisture mix with the formula.
  2. Storing the product incorrectly.
  3. Using too often! The right routine is a make or break.

Let’s explain these possible mistakes a bit more and how to avoid them, along with somebody scrub hacks you might not know yet!

Mistake 1: Letting Too Much Moisture Mix With The Formula.

Scrubs are often used in the shower and bath, which can often lead to Mistake #1.

Each body scrub formula is carefully designed with a specific ratio of 100% natural essential oils, and an either Sugar or Salt base. When too much moisture seeps into the container, the formula can slowly melt away over time. This can weaken the effects of the product.

How can you avoid Mistake #1?
As much as possible, limit the container direct exposure to water during use. You can try scooping with a spoon, or while your hands are relatively dry.


Mistake #2: Storing The Product Incorrectly.

If you want your new scrub to give you peak results for as long as possible, Mistake #2 is super important to avoid.

As explained in Mistake #1, excess moisture in the container damages the ratio of natural oils and the Salt/Sugar base. In ideal conditions, the scrub will last until the expiration date on the packaging; in lesser conditions, the formula may weaken faster than that. This makes storage a crucial aspect of long term results.

How can you avoid Mistake #2?
Always make sure the cover is completely screwed on after use. It is best to store the scrub in a dry area, like a cabinet or shelf away from the shower.


Mistake #3: Using Too Often! The Right Routine Is A Make Or Break.

Like any new product you put on your skin, it can take time to learn how your skin will react to this particular scrub. Each body and face scrub is made with different 100% Natural Oils. This gives each scrub unique benefits, but also means each scrub may feel differently on your skin. Misusing this scrub can lead to weakening your skin's protective layer.

How can you avoid Mistake #3?

Always try a skin test before starting to use this scrub multiple times a week. Apply a small amount of the scrub on one area of skin, and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing off. If no irritation occurs, you can feel confident starting with 1 or 2 times a week and building from there.


5 Body Scrub Hacks You Can Try Today!

1) Get Glowy ‘Glass’ Skin With Brown Sugar Scrub + Coconut Oil.

Use a combination of these two products for awesome results. First, use the Brown Sugar Scrub in the shower to exfoliate away the dull and dead skin. After you dry off, hydrate with Coconut Oil for a luminous shine lasting all day. Applying right after your shower will help absorption.

2) Lightening Darker Armpits With The Blueberry Body Scrub

Before shaving your armpits, try using the Blueberry Body Scrub. This scrub texture exfoliates your skin, stripping away dead skin and dirt that can prevent a clean shave. It will also help remove trapped hairs. The Vitamin C naturally found in blueberries helps lighten the darker skin in the area. The scrub is so moisturizing, it will leave your skin hydrated enough to shave right after.

3) Cleansing And Preventing Acne With The Lavender Body and Face Scrub

Lavender Oil is antibacterial, making it perfect for fighting annoying acne all over your body. Use the scrub to exfoliate away dead skin, and cleanse away dirt. This scrub is gentle enough to be used as a facial scrub.

4) Fighting Razor Bumps and Inflammation With The Matcha Body Scrub

Exfoliating is key for a smooth shave. Tannins in Matcha are anti-inflammatory, so the Matcha Scrub can reduce redness, relieve irritation, and shrink pores. The scrub hydrates your skin, so you can shave right after use.

5) More Effective Exfoliating With Tools

Try using these scrubs with a dry brush or exfoliating gloves. This can help increase the exfoliating effects of your scrub. If you have sensitive skin or a skin condition, such as psoriasis, speak with your doctor before using these tools.


Tips For Adding A New Scrub Into Your Skincare Routine

Which Areas Of Your Skin, And How Often To Use For Best Results.

1) How To Choose The Right Scrub Texture For Your Skin Type

Brooklyn Botany has scrubs of all types and textures. Our scrub with the softest texture is the Brown Sugar Scrub. Our strongest exfoliating scrub is the Himalayan Salt Scrub. Choosing the right scrub for your skin will help you get the most from your product.

  • Brooklyn Botany Sugar Scrubs - Lavender, Brown Sugar.
  • Brooklyn Botany Salt Scrubs - Himalayan, Himalayan + Stem Cell, Coconut, Matcha, Sweet Orange, Watermelon, Blueberry.
  • Brooklyn Botany Coffee Scrub - Arabica Coffee Body Scrub.

2) Where To Use Each Scrub Type

Sugar Scrubs can be used on more sensitive areas, including facial skin.

Salt Scrubs are formulated with a stronger exfoliating base, and may be too intense for use in more sensitive areas. We generally do not advise using these as facial scrubs.

3) How Often To Use Your Scrub

When adding a new scrub to your skincare routine, pay attention to how your skin responds to the first couple uses. Starting off with using your scrub 1-2 times a week is our recommendation.

If you are using a facial scrub, we advise limiting it to 1-2 times per week. More than that can strip your skin's natural protective layer.

You can use scrubs as often as desired for specific uses, like shaving or lightening armpits.