About Us

Located in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn Botany took root after a chance encounter between a budding entrepreneur and a mad scientist. (Well except for the mad part). What followed was many late nights of insightful research and fascinating cosmetic breakthroughs that culminated in the products you see before you today.

Driven by a desire to bring superior beauty products to the marketplace, we combine proven and pure age-old ingredients with our state of the art lab and forward thinking. We have created wares that not only deliver on their exceptional healing properties, but thanks to our developments retain those benefits for a much longer shelf life.

 Our team spent months tracking down the best available elements, going as far as the green fields of Australia and the lush forests of India. The science happened right in Brooklyn, fittingly called the Borough of Kings. But you no longer need to be a monarch to enjoy the incredible health benefits our products have to offer.

So go ahead, and dive in face first.