This Smells Like Breakfast in Bed



Brooklyn Botany has been at the forefront of bringing superior products to the marketplace and The Breakfast in Bed candle came to light the same way. 

Brooklyn Botany and Julia Tricarico, @julia.tric, have been working together on social media for 3+ years. In a collaborative effort with Julia, the goal was to create a beautiful product that represented their long partnership.

Together we spent hours brainstorming, testing scents, and overall experience to give you the Breakfast in Bed candle. 

The candle is the perfect extension of what we promote in self-care rituals of taking time for oneself and truly enjoying the moments of relaxation and serenity.

So, light this candle when you are snuggled up, watching your favorite show, and having breakfast in bed. This candle feels like a warm vanilla hug… that lasts!


Garnering its name as one of everyone’s favorite moments, Breakfast in Bed is the epitome of a warm hug. 

With warm vanilla, clean sheets, and the coziest blanket, Breakfast in Bed is the perfect moment during one’s day.

Breakfast in Bed has notes of warm vanilla and sandalwood that are reminiscent of a self-care, snuggled up, day in bed!


  • Exclusive premium soy blend infused with essential oils
  • 60 hour burn time
  • Cotton core wick
  • Limited edition, limited quantities available
  • Net contents: 9oz./ 255g

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